Wednesday, 8 July 2009

10 weeks till my greek holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better get at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Troops,
How many times have you said that???????????????????? well we do dont we, its like when you get married, everyone diets for their wedding, only to put it back on after!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND THATS MY POINT WITH THIS, see over the next 10 weeks i will show you
1, how to lose weight so you feel good once your holiday arrives :)
2, how to train using stuff you will have to hand on holiday so you can start today and CARRY THE SAME TRAINING ON WHILST ON HOLIDAY :)
3, how to keep the kcals down without being a total bore on holiday :)
Iam hoping to get this lil thing onto some bigger sites to help more but will post it here for anyone who wants to not get FAT on holiday, i mean how many lose weight for holiday, then get there and think, I DID GOOD AM DUE A REST???????????? WRONG!!!!!!!!!! you will come back fatter and unhappy, when a few lil tips from me could have you back home with a tan NO FATTER THAN YA WENT :)

WHAT can i say about this man, well his name is rob cooper, and i have the honour to talk to him on twitter @formerfatguy, just incase you want to follow him on twitter.

I was told about rob through bryan kavanagh, someone who has featured on this blog alot. Bryan said "lee check my mate rob`s website out, it will inspire you", so I did, and at 1st I thought is this a set up, no one can lose that much in that space of time?????, sorry Rob, that was my 1st thought, but you know what guys, ITS TRUE Rob lost 300lbs overcame beer and is now an amazing figure of a man, i looked at the site in awe for around a week, just looking at the pics and dreaming of me being able to turn my life around.... one day bryan said rob is on twitter talk to him, ya know what I had to get drunk to get the courage to tweet rob as to me he was a star, how wrong could i be, rob has turned out to be an amazing help to me and i havent even purchased his book yet, i remember i came up with this thought and tweeted it once " it takes one person to reach out and catch you in the fast water of life and pull you up then all his mates join in and pull you higher and higher till your on top of the world" and its true in dec last year i again had had enough so had rebecca, i sat and cried whilst on the internet trying in vain for someone to help save me and they did or ian graham did he held out his hand and grabbed me as i shot past then bryan kavanagh got my other hand and they pulled for months to release me from my drunken hell then another hand came in, it was robs, so today i am on top of the world!!!!!! thanks you guys thank you :)