Thursday, 28 May 2009

its for charity :)

private studmuffin is banging an idea around in his head (yeah there is enough space in there for it too bounce around ha ha ).......So as you all know am a fatlad on a mission to get fit, and I want to do something....NOW you will also know that Iam not a personal trainer infact have no training at all,this blog was started for me to put thoughts out that i think, NOW unlike some other bloggers ( i will list them at the end of this blog) I cannot offer any training or bootcamps or can I, I mean why not do a bootcamp for charity????? see even though i would be "running it" it doesnt mean that i couldnt hire some pro trainers and nutritional people AND added to this the pure profit from this camp WILL go to charity, now lets get one thing straight I would have to pay the pro`s and also pay for b&b for them, but I myself would not take any profit from this INFACT I WILL PAY THE SAME RATE AS ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!
SO this is 2 calls out for support really
no 1 is any pro trainers who would be up for it (paid of course) then please contact myself
no 2 MOST important anyone interested in having a top bootcamp weekend where you learn to burn fat, learn about diet, and learn how to laugh whilst beasting yourself then ......
ok as promised some top pros to check out

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