Sunday, 3 May 2009

ok so this is why i havent been around :)

OK so not been on in a while (slap my wrists) but i have been mega busy due to two reasons
1 being the pic above
2 being the amazing things bryan is getting up to in thailand with a group of top people

so no 1 ian from abs did his 1st fitness model comp and did good his pics are amazing(will put one on of him soon)
so ian wants to take a group over in nov from the abs site and asked me and rebecca along, now I
am still over weight so there is no way i can compete ha ha i bloody would tho in my speedos just to get them all buzzing but alass this is serious stuff, so why am i going...........
because i do have some thing to give i have motivation,passion and most of all a whole heap of fun inside me and a good cook so i can support everyone from making them laugh to feeding them and also helping ian and bryan show the world what their abs ebook can really do for people :)

no 2 bryan is out in thailand with a group of like minded and amazing people on a project, just seeing the pics and snippets of video and audio makes me so fired up, i find myself thinking what a great thing they are doing and one day i will buy a ticket and join them once iam fit lean and err bald lmao oh well cant have everything :)

so thats why i havent been around as i have been cracking on with my own fitness goals
am back now so stay tuned :)

private studmuffin :)

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