Sunday, 5 April 2009

bootcamp shopping list

Good morning troops ;-) below you will find my bootcamp shopping list that i will be using this week
18 eggs (freerange) 5 packs of mixed winter veg (£1 each and taste amazing when roasted in the oven) 2 packs mixed salad 1 tub of greek salad 1 pack otomatos 1 pack of mushrooms 300g of mixed gratted cheese 2 packs of bacon 3 portions of fresh fish (trout,tuna,haddock,cod,smoked haddock, red mullet) 3 packs of white meat (chicken,turkey) 1 pack of steak 1 pack of lamb joint (for me one treat meal, sun roast) 6 bottles of water (2ltrs) 6 fresh lemons (squeeze into the bols of water,tastes better) 1 jar of chilles (i love the hot ones, and they help lose fat,bonus ;-)
ok so as with any shopping list, I will add as I remember that i forgot to put something on here later i will give you some ideas on how to use these...
i also use promax protien shake from

ok troops stand at ease
private studmuffin :-)

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